Caught on camera: Baboons escape research facility

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KSAT/CNN) – Four baboons were on the run in Texas and the challenge of getting them back to a research facility they escaped from was caught on camera.

“I see four guys clapping at the bushes and I didn’t really give it a second thought,” said Jannelle Bouton, who witnessed the escape. “I just went about driving and then all of a sudden, this brown, big mass pops out of the bushes. I’m like ‘okay, that’s a big dog.’”

But it wasn’t a dog. It was a baboon.

“And he was furry and he was brown and he was pretty big,” she explained.

But the baboon Bouton saw on her way to the store is only one of four that escaped the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, a facility that conducts research on chronic and infectious diseases.

“And the baboon stopped and one point and was just looking and then darted into the bushes. And these guys are frazzled. They are freaking out,” Bouton recalled.

Though four baboons did escape, officials said everything is under control and nobody has anything to worry about.

Even though the public had nothing to worry about, Bouton said the workers charged with capturing the animals did.

“And you could tell that they were. They were panicking because they didn’t want them to get hurt and they were trying their best to quarantine him. But being that kind of animal, he wasn’t having it,” she said.”

Bouton said she’s not too worried about the monkeys getting out, but she is a little concerned.

“The fact that they had a medical mask on and it’s a wild animal, it’s a monkey, let alone. You just want to know what they’re doing is safe,” she stressed.

The institute said its primary focus was the safety of the animals, their staff and people in the community.

They said the baboons, critical in research for heart disease, diabetes and obesity, were seen by care staff and are doing well.

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