Two vie for clerk-treasurer position


The Morgantown Clerk-Treasurer position is up for grabs in the May 8 primary, when the two Republican candidates — incumbent Sharon McIntosh and challenger Becky Rose — will be narrowed to one.

Sharon McIntosh

McIntosh is seeking re-election to the town’s clerk-treasure position. She was elected to the position in 2012.

McIntosh said when she became clerk, the town had several issues that had to be addressed. Working with the town council, issues with the water and storm sewer systems have been corrected.

McIntosh said the Indiana State Board of Accounts has reviewed the town’s financial reports and, with the exception of the lack of internal controls, found no problems.

McIntosh said she and the council set up a control system where the council reviews all financial information at each meeting and signs off on them.

She said the town’s wastewater treatment utility has an outstanding loan with the town. McIntosh said from around 2002 to 2007, the town loaned the wasterwater utility money from the town’s general fund to operate on. Most of that money, she said, was never repaid. At this time, there is around $98,000 outstanding on the loan.

She said the state has told the town repeatedly over the years the money must be repaid. McIntosh said working with the town’s financial advisor and the council, the town now has a plan to repay the loan by around 2022.

She said another issue with the wastewater utility is that over the years, the town failed to raise the rates to meet the needs of the utility. She said at this time, the rate barely covers the utility’s normal day-to-day expenses. McIntosh said the council took the first step this year in raising rates to help cover expenses.

She said a previous council purchased a building with the intent to convert it into a town hall. She said the current town hall, which houses the clerk-treasurer, the utility clerk, and the police department is too small. She said there is no place in the building for the storage of town records.

McIntosh said converting the building the town owns into a town hall would be extremely expensive.

McIntosh said she is looking forward to continue working with the council.

Becky Rose

Rose is running for the Morgantown clerk/treasure position. Rose is currently employed as the town’s utility clerk. She had has been in that position for nearly four years.

“I feel we need to update the services we are providing,” she said. “There are so many small things we could be doing to help the public.”

Rose feels the town needs to establish an online process for residents to pay their utility bills. She said the town could, for residents who want them, have their utility bills sent to them by email.

She feels the town should look at online banking.

And Rose feels the town needs to look at the town hall.

Rose said there is no security in the town hall. The only door that goes out is the door the public uses.

She said there is a lack of space and privacy in the clerks office.

Rose said it would be up to the council to determine if they want to try and remodel the existing town hall or move to another building.

Rose said the building the town had purchased may be too expensive to use.

She said the town needs to look at improving the park system. The town has land near the intersection of Sycamore and Church streets that currently has a basketball court on it.

She said the town has plans to put walking trails and a playground on the property. Rose said the town needs to look at improvements to the park at the entrance to the town on Ind. 252.

She hopes to be able to find grants to help pay for those improvements.

“We need a place in town for residents with children can go to,” she said.

Rose said she looks forward to working with the council.

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