Breaking* News: Bud Has Breakfast with Giannis, Bucks Still Silent on Coaching Search

MILWAUKEE, WI – League sources say that the Milwaukee Bucks, who have been undertaking a thorough search for their new permanent head coach, are zeroing in on possibly considering having a discussion about establishing a committee devoted to outlining the process of making an actual hiring decision.

Mike Budenholzer (former head coach of the Atlanta Hawks) and Ettore Messina (current assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs) were reportedly the finalists for the job, and interviewed with Bucks’ ownership on Tuesday.

The interviews took place in New York City, and league insiders largely expected the Bucks to make an announcement sometime on Wednesday. Then, the NBA world was shook to its core – its core, I say! – when Budenholzer was spotted in Milwaukee having breakfast this morning, dining with none other than Milwaukee’s superstar player, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

As of this writing, the Bucks have not commented on this breakfast meeting, what was discussed, what each participant ordered, or if anyone else was invited to join them for the meal. But Zach Lowe did!

Giannis and Khris Middleton, Milwaukee’s two best players, had the opportunity to meet with one of the top candidates to become their new coach…after the “final” interview was completed on Tuesday. This means that Bud got on a plane, flew from NYC to Wisconsin, (presumably) slept somewhere in between, met Giannis (and Khris!) for some breakfast smoothies…and then, nothing.

So there you have it. Now that the franchise has concluded their coaching search, we loyal fans await word on who will be offered the hottest seat on the bench in Milwaukee. Hottest in terms of how coveted it is, not in terms of job security.

Any minute now…

Surely, something will be announced soon…

I mean, it’s not like the team would conduct their final interview, (presumably) fly their preferred candidate halfway across the country for a breakfast smoothie, and let the entire day go by without finding a way to seal the deal, all while maintaining complete radio silence and letting speculation run wild…

surely nothing with this process has gone wrong, that would be ludicrous.

…so, how are you guys doing?


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