Cruel pit bull hashtag starts with internet troll, goes viral

A hashtag with a cruel message about pit bulls apparently started as an internet troll’s joke and has now turned into a viral hoax.

The original #PitBullDropOff was tweeted on May 3, by a user who urged others to adopt or purchase pit bulls from sources such as Craigslist and then take the dogs to high-kill shelters to be put down, to help do away with the breed.


The tweet said, “This pit bull thing is getting out of hand. So I’ve decided to join the growing wave of activists who are adopting pit bulls and taking them directly to kill shelters. #PitbullDropOff.”

Several days later, the message board 4chan took credit for the hashtag, saying it was creating media-based mass hysteria in which “naive pitmommies and various other low IQ individuals are falling for the bait.”

Many of the posts with the hashtag are accompanied by sad or cute pictures of pit bulls with made-up stories. Images from as far back at 2011 show up in reverse-image searches of the ones used in the posts.

One post with a sad-faced pit bull that was posted from a burner account said, “The last picture I ever took with my pit bull. Her name was Peaches. It made me sick to my stomach but I do to do it for the innocent children she could have killed if she snapped like many other pitbulls do. #pitbulldropoff. Luckily she did not suffer. I shot her in the head.”

Several people on Reddit and other sites have acknowledged that the hashtag is just internet trolling that’s being taken too seriously. thoroughly debunked the posts associated with the hashtag.

The fact-checking site posted: “On May 13, 2018, a controversial and malevolent site posted how others could join in the troll’s game: ‘#PitbullDropOff has been simmering on twitter for two days now, naive pitmommies and various other low IQ individuals are falling for the bait. This will be a major news story by Monday so it’s best to escalate the hysteria before the national news breaks for max effect.

‘All you have to do is post a photo of a pitbull you say you picked up and dropped off at a kill shelter under #pitbulldropoff. Rinse and repeat for maximum pitmommie hysteria. Be aware it’s best to use burner accounts as pitmommies are mobilizing on facebook to bring down posts.’” concluded its expose of the fake posts by saying,“Don’t feed the trolls.”


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