Dangling electricity wires pose a threat to commuters

Perilously suspended electricity cables, hanging just 6 feet over the streets of Kadian complex, have put the lives of residents in danger. The complex that lies near to the bus stand is considered as the hub of the immigration, ILETS and visa agencies and has a daily out flow of many applicants coming for consultation.

Sources revealed, many of the cable wires have been placed illegally, with locals taking advantage of confusing tangles to steal power from their neighbours or commercial properties. All the streets in the complex have same outlook where even high voltage wires and cables are tangled overhead.

Though the residents there were hardly bothered about it, the students coming for their ILETS classes said, we are always scared of crossing the streets. Earlier, these tangled cables were only hanging overhead but now some of the melted wires were hanging straight and touching the ground, added Karanjot while pointing towards the loosely held wires.

One of the shopkeepers there said, when monsoon season strikes, the danger posed by the wires can be dangerous with broken electricity cables falling directly into pools of water, hence a systematic arrangement was needed shortly. He further said the area was prone to power outages and blackouts.

Meanwhile, the area councillor’s husband Manmohan Singh, said, “The issue has already been conveyed to the PSPCL authorities and application was made regarding the shifting of electric poles and transformers from the GT road in front of Wimpy restaurant, falling in the same street. He also claimed that Municipal Corporation had also submitted a cheque of Rs. 5,49,185 to the PSPCL.

However, when enquired, Chief Engineer Davinder Singh PSPCL said, the board wasn’t aware of any such matter and would take cognizance of the complex shortly.

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