Is it Laurel or Yanny? Viral internet illusion is audio version of 'The Dress'

Cloe Feldman, whose Twitter account currently commands 206,000 followers, posted the Laurel-Yanny query and clip, which contained a looping robotic voice, on Monday night. Since then, it has racked up 669,000 views, drawing 2,300 retweets, 4,500 likes and 1,300 comments. 

“What do you hear?!” she tweeted. “Yanny or Laurel.”

“I hear Yanny,” she added. 

But just about everyone is pointing to this Reddit post from Roland Camry as the original source of the Laurel-Yanny conundrum. 

“… One of my friends sent it to me and the first time I heard it, it said ‘Laurel,'” the Redditor explained. “I go to my dad and ask him what he hears and the thing says ‘Yanny.’ No, I did not click on 2 different videos, and other friends of mine are hearing mixed things. Either ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel.'” 

While our experience certainly jibes with Roland’s, everyone had a different take. Some said if you turned the volume way down or adjusted sound settings, you would hear something different. Now that this reporter only hears Yanny, all she wants to do is hear Laurel again. The grass is always greener.

But how can we ever completely trust our hearing again if we can’t hear the same thing and the video clip couldn’t possibly be edited in real time? Let’s turn to the masses for comfort and even more disillusionment. 


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