Orofino JHS Boys track meet results

The Orofino Junior High Boys track team visited a 10 team track meet on (Tuesday) May 8, 2018 at the Lapwai High School track. The Orofino Junior High Boys team competed in the individual sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys track meet. The teams competing were Clearwater Valley, Orofino, Nezperce, Highland (Craigmont), Grangeville, Prairie, Timberline, Lapwai, Troy, and Potlatch.

The final team scores of the seventh and eighth grade boys meet were: Orofino 197, Prairie 101, Timberline 69, Grangeville 58, Nezperce 44, Troy 44, Potlatch 43, Highland(Craigmont) 18, and Clearwater Valley 17. The following are Orofino Junior High eighth grade Boys track meet results of the Lapwai track meet are as follows: 100 Meter Dash: 1st-Cory Godwin 12.79, 7th-Nathan Amonson 13.88; 200 Meter Dash: 3rd-Sean Paul Larsen 28.0, 6th-Nathan Amonson 30.33; 1600 Meter Run: 7th-Connor Potratz 6:47.43; 75 Meter Hurdles: 4th-Ryne Waggener 14.09; 200 Meter Hurdles: 3rd-James Moore 34.12, 5th-Ryne Waggener 35.08; 400 Meter Relay: 2nd-Ororfino (Joel Sneddon, Ryder Cram, Seger Pettengill, Sean Paul Larsen) 57.00; 800 Meter Relay: 1st-Orofino (Lucas Hoene, Kyran Perez, Slade Sneddon, Reid Thomas) 1:56.62; 1600 Meter Relay: 2nd-Orofino (Kyran Perez, Seger Pettengill, Cory Godwin, Kaleb Glaze) 4:11.68; 800 Meter Medley Relay: 1st-Orofino (Kyran Perez, Sean Paul Larsen, Cory Godwin, Kaleb Glaze) 1:50.77; Shot Put: 1st-Reid Thomas 46’ 01”, 3rd-Caleb Johnson 35’ 09”, 5th-Joel Sneddon 34’ 04”, 7th-Lucas Hoene 29’ 01”; Discus: 2nd-Reid Thomas 101’ 02”, 3rd-Caleb Johnson 101’ 00”, 8th-Joel Sneddon 86’ 00”; High Jump: 1st-Kaleb Glaze 5’ 06”, 2nd-Connor Potratz 4’ 06”; Pole Vault: 1st-James Moore 8’ 00”, 2nd-Elijah Ortega 7’ 06”, 3rd-Ryne Waggener 5’ 06”, 4th-Dylan Lutz 5’ 06”; Long Jump: 1st-Cory Godwin 16’ 00.5”, 6th-Ryder Cram 12’ 11.5”, 7th-Tanner East 12’ 02”; Triple Jump: 1st-Kaleb Glaze 37’ 01”, 3rd-Ryder Cram 29’ 09”, 7th-Tanner East 27’ 10”.

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