Sheppard Profile: Electrical Systems

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Runway lights look very familiar to everyone.

Student pilot, Airman 1st Class Lorenzo Mitchell shows us up close, “This is the taxiway edgelight and pretty much guides the plane to the exit of the runway.” 

In the Electrical Systems classroom, student pilots learn all the ins and outs on how to power up the base.

Electrical Systems Instructor, Staff Sgt. Philip Gautiere said, “We cover everything from electrical distribution, high voltage to low voltage and right here is our airfield. Airfield is just one part of the larger course.” 

Like many other other careers in the air force, many come here with little to no knowledge about Electrical Systems. 

A1C Mitchell told us, “When I went to the recruiter’s office, my recruiter actually had this job so he had a lot of information on it.” 

He has only been in the air force for five months now. He said because of his recruiter’s suggestions, he decided to learn about Electrical Systems.

“The most things I would’ve never learned was the many skills that you actually learn with this career field,” he continued to say.  “I had no idea that they do mess with the airfield lighting and actual small motors.” 

SSG Gautiere added,  “Electricity is very important as everybody knows so without electricity, the mission here cannot go. Planes can’t fly, things of that nature so having trained airmen to complete and fix electrical problems or install new electrical systems is pretty important.” 

“Without us,” A1C Mitchell said, “No other career field would have the power to even operate.” 

Also without them, he said, “The actual airplane would be blind, an airplane wouldn’t have any idea where to actually land or where to go or after even if they actually did land so these are a very vital part to the airfield.”  

From working on small motors to climbing electric poles, “They actually install high voltage transformers on the pole, doing that all manually, climbing up the pole, bringing up there with a rope,” SSG Gautiere told us.  

This 91-day training course is crucial for everyone since Sheppard’s mission not would succeed without airmen like airman Mitchell and all those studying Electrical Systems.

Next week, we’ll be spotlighting the Emergency Medical Services and medical airmen that respond to emergencies throughout the entire base.

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