Thousands without power in Massachusetts Tuesday as storm continues east

Thousands of households in Massachusetts are reporting power outages early Tuesday evening amid a severe storm hitting the East Coast. 

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency reported 4,326 households are without power as of 5:17 p.m. Outages range from the 2,379 households reporting outages in Lowell to 35 percent of households – 770 – in the Western Massachusetts town of Hampden. 

The National Weather Service warns “long-lived and intense” storms could feature strong, damaging winds, large hail and street flooding Tuesday.  A tornado watch has been issued for Central and Western Massachusetts. A tornado warning was issued for a portion of the afternoon in Berkshire County. 

Further south in New England, a rotating cloud was captured on video. 

The video, above Lake McDonough in Barkhamsted, Conn., shows a cloud ominously hovering over the lake. 


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