Speak Out: Tesla owners don't need free electricity, dandelions better than toxic lawns, more

Caller questions Elgin’s idea

Hey, Elgin, what a brilliant idea to lower the requirements to be a firefighter applicant. What’s wrong with requiring 60 college hours anyway? It sounds like you are saying people in the more diverse categories can’t get college credits or something. The real joke is dropping the fee from $40 to $20, as if that would make any difference to anybody wanting a good paying job like a firefighter. Give me a break.

Don’t give the store away to Tesla owners

Did I read the article regarding the installation of Tesla recharging stations incorrectly? People who own expensive electric cars are getting their electric energy free from the city (if the city agrees to let Tesla install 39 car-charging stations, 22 just for Tesla cars, on city property). Who is paying for it? The city? Who pays the city’s expenses? Taxpayers. Why should taxpayers pay the energy costs of those owning expensive electric cars? It is bad enough they use the roads, streets and highways without paying any upkeep costs, unlike those who pay plenty at the gasoline pump. Why should I, who lives totally on Social Security, pay for the energy costs of those who own expense electric cars? My car is 18 years old. I can’t afford a new one. This mayor and this city council needs to be replaced by thinking and responsible adults who do not want to give the store away.

Advice to U46 school board

I have one piece of advice for the U46 school board: make sure you fill board vacancies with those who agree with your opinions so you can ram through all sorts of regulations devoid of any balance of ideas. Make sure you pack your voting block against (board member Jeanette) Ward so that she is always in the minority and always out voted so she appears to be uncaring and out of step with society.

POTUS’ games

The president was right, everyone plays games. Just look at the games he plays with the American people and our intelligence community every day.

No St. Francis Park b-ball court

This is in regards to St. Francis Park in east Elgin. I was watching the City Council meeting on TV, and a couple of residents don’t want a basketball court there. I agree with them. I rehabbed two houses on Center Street and a house on Prospect right near that park. It’s a quaint little neighborhood and if you start putting stuff like that in that park, it will not be a good draw. I think it is more of a little kids’ park than anything. I think it should be kept that way. I feel for the neighbors over there.

Dandelions, seriously?

Oh, my goodness, dandelions? You are so worried about those beautiful yellow, edible dandelions. You talk about recycling. You talk about don’t waste, don’t do this, don’t do that. You talk about carcinogens. You talk about global warming. You talk about climate change. Now you are saying spray your dandelions with weed killers? Don’t you know weed killers are carcinogens? Don’t you know everything you put on your soil like that is not good for your soil? Don’t you know that the half-life of those weed killers and things they put on even the food we eat are carcinogens? It may be the answer of why we have so much cancer in this country. Stop worrying about Mother Nature and start worrying about what we are screwing up in this country.

No toxic lawns

I’d rather see a city of dandelions than a city of dead fish from all the chemicals that flow into the river. The idea of making our lawns toxic waste areas is ridiculous.

Calling B.S.

I am a woman. I am tired of all this female B.S. I am reading in the paper about men touching shoulders or doing this and that. I’ve worked in bars. I’ve worked in factories. I’ve worked in offices. I’ve watching how women operate. So believe me, they are deadly. Trust me, half the stuff they are coming up with is B.S.

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