Protesters: Person taken to hospital after car drives through rally for Antwon Rose

NORTH VERSAILLES, Pa. – Protesters shut down roads in North Versailles and East Pittsburgh Sunday, demanding justice for Antwon Rose.

The 17-year-old was shot and killed last month by East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld.

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We’re working to find out if the driver will be charged and how the person who went to the hospital is doing, for Channel 11 Morning News starting at 4:30 a.m.

A short time after the peaceful protest started, it took a dangerous turn when a driver plowed through the group.


Demonstrators told Channel 11 a car plowed through the crowd on Route 30, hitting five people.

One person was taken to the hospital and the driver was arrested.

The march continued, shutting down traffic at an intersection near a shopping plaza in North Versailles, then came back across the Westinghouse Bridge into East Pittsburgh, where protesters stood in front of the home of the chief of police, calling for Rosfeld’s bond to be revoked.


Protesters said they have no plans of stopping until they get what they say is equal protection under the law.

The condition of the protester sent to the hospital is unknown.

Channel 11 also contacted North Versailles police to find out if the driver has been charged and have not heard back.

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